Economic Cooperation by the Government of Japan to Malawi


1. Economic Cooperation by Government of Japan to Malawi

Malawi addresses development with a goal of getting out of the status as the least developed country. Based on priority areas shown in the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS)3, economic growth of the country as well as securing of people’s access to basic services are essential. Accordingly, Japan supports Malawi’s efforts to reduce poverty, by providing assistance especially to agriculture, in which 80% of the population is engaged; the miningindustry, which is expected to be developed; the development of infrastructure which supports the above industries; and basic social services industry concerning education, water, etc.
2. Country Development Cooperation Policy for the Repubulic of Malawi(January 2018)

3. Japan's ODA: Rolling Plan for Malawi(April 2021)

4. Information for Grant Assitance for Grassroots Human Security Projects

5. Japan's Economic Cooperation Projects in Malawi

In order to prevent fraud and corruption in Official Development Assistance (ODA), we provide a consultation service for information related to fraud and corruption in Japan’s ODA projects in Malawi. Please click here for further information.