Japanese Ambassador's 3rd Kendo Championships


   November 19, 2016

Blantyre, University of Malawi College of Medicine Sports Complex



On November 19, 2016, the Embassy of Japan, in collaboration with the Kendo Association of Malawi, held the Japanese Ambassador's 3rd Kendo Championships at the College of Medicine Sports Complex in Blantyre. Individual matches were conducted in 3 categories: Under 12, Under 20, and advanced players. Finally, there was an exhibition team match between Japan vs. Malawi, and Malawi won the cup this year. The Malawian Kendo athletes displayed the results of their training, and Japanese Kendo players also came to take part and assist in organizing the tournament.


Speaking at the event, Ambassador Nishioka said he was pleased to see that Kendo was growing in Malawi and that there were improvements made this year, mainly through the partnership and exchange between the Kendo Association of Malawi and the All Japan Kendo Federation (AJKF), especially the donation of Kendo equipment as well as invitation of Mr. Austinie Somba, President of the Kendo Association of Malawi, to take part in the training program of foreign Kendo coaches in Japan. He also urged the older generation of players to train and further involve passionate and energetic younger players, so that they can also start leading the Kendo Association. The event was graced by the Guest of Honour, Mr. George Jana, Executive Secretary of the Malawi National Sports Council, and other officials from sports organizations.


    Group Photo



Match for Under 12




Match for Under 20




Match for Advanced Players




Match for Advanced Players (On the right: Mr. Kappa, a Malawian kendo player since the 1990s and he is part of the management team of the Association)




Scene from the championships (Center: Mr. Sakata, a Japanese kendo player who volunteered to referee and take part in the championships)




Match between Ms. Nomizu, a Japanese kendo player and a JICA Volunteer working in Blantyre, and Mr. Wyson, a Malawian kendo player




Final match of the team exhibition between Mr. Somba, President of the Kendo Association and Mr. Sakata, a visiting kendo player from Japan (both are 4 dan)



Presentation of medals and trophies



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