Organized by Japan Overseas Cooperative Association (JOCA)

As Part of the Sport for Tomorrow Program


  November 11, 2016

Lilongwe, Kamuzu Institute for Sports


On November 11, 2016, the Japan Overseas Cooprative Association (JOCA) and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology held a Sports Day Event called UNDOKAI at the Kamuzu Institute for Sports in Lilongwe. This was the 3rd time UNDOKAI was conducted in Malawi by JOCA, sponsored by Japan's Sport for Tomorrow Consortium Secretariat. The event was conducted to teach students values such as sportsmanship, team work, and challenging oneself through sports. About 1,200 students from Kawale, Nanjati, Mchesi, and Chisamba Primary Schools took part in the event, competing in the 50m sprint, 4-legged relay race, sending water bucket race, and tug of war. The event was also a training program for 16 teachers and 3 Sports Desk Officers from across Malawi, and 9 teachers who were trained last time also helped out as Senior Trainers. Speaking during the event, Ambassador Nishioka commended all the students for taking part in the event, and said he was encouraged that the number of schools experiencing UNDOKAI as well as the number of teachers being trained is growing each year. He hoped that the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology wil consider incorporating UNDOKAI in its curriculum so that all primary schools throughout Malawi will be able to conduct UNDOKAI every year.



    Group Photo



Warm up exercise "Radio Taiso"




50m Sprint Race by Standard 7 Girls




50m Spring Race by Standard 7 Boys (Photo: Sport for Tomorrow Consortium Secretariat)




4 Legged Race (Photo: SFTC Secretariat)




Water Bucket Sending Race by Standard 5




Tug of War by Standard 4



Tug of War (Photo: SFTC Secretariat)



Students express their joy after winning the tug-of-war (Photo: SFTC Secretariat)



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