Japanese Food Culture Show

A Joint Production of TV Program between the Embassy of Japan and Zodiak TV


   January 21, 2017


On January 21, 2017, the “Japanese Food Culture Show,” a TV program on Japanese food culture jointly produced by the Embassy of Japan in Malawi and Zodiak TV was broadcasted on Zodiak TV. The program aims to introduce the culture of Japanese food to Malawi and to demonstrate how Japanese food can be cooked using Malawi’s fresh locally-available resources. In the program, Mr. Manabu Nonaka, Chef at the Official Residence of the Japanese Ambassador demonstrates how to make “Chambo Sushi,” a creative Japanese-Malawian fusion dish using fresh chambo from Lake Malawi bought at the local market. Another Japanese dish is “Tempura,” which is deep-fried imported shrimps as well as vegetables which are also bought from the local market. The program was the first joint project between the Embassy of Japan and Zodiak Broadcasting Station, and it will be broadcasted on Zodiak TV on Saturdays at 11am in February 2017.



Opening scene of the Japanese Food Culture Show




Presentation of the dishes: Chambo Sushi, Nigiri Sushi, and Tempura

(From left: Mr. Nonaka, Chef at the Official Residence of the Japanese Ambassador, Mr. Caetano Dacosta, Zodiak TV Presenter, Ms. Minoura, Cultural Affairs Officer of the Embassy of Japan)




Chef Nonaka choosing freshly caught Chambo from Lake Malawi at the local market




Making Chambo Sushi




Chambo Sushi




The program also includes a demonstration of how to make Nigiri Sushi using imported sea fish




Chef Nonaka buying fresh vegetables from the local market




Deep-frying Tempura

(From left: Caetano Dacosta Zodiak TV Presenter, Chef Nonaka, and Mr. Bwanali)



Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura



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