Award Ceremony of 2016 Japanese Foreign Minister's Commendation for

Dr. Arturo P. Muyco, Former Medical Consultant for JICA Malawi


September 27, 2016


On September 27, 2016, Ambassador Nishioka organized the Award Ceremony for Dr. Arturo P. Muyco, who received the 2016 Japanese Foreign Minister's Commendation. This is in recongnition of his distinguished service as Medical Consultant for JICA Malawi, promoting mutual understanding through medical field betwen Japan and Malawi. Dr. Muyco has also made an immense contribution to the development of the health sector in Malawi, by serving as Chief Surgeon of the Kamuzu Central Hospital and training Malawian doctors through a fellowship program he founded. The reception was also graced by Honourable Dr. Peter Kumpalume, Minister of Health.




Speech by Ambassador Nishioka



Presentation of the Certificate from Ambassador Nishioka to Dr. Muyco



Speech by Honourable Dr. Peter Kumpalume, Minister of Health



Speech by Dr. Muyco



Group Photo






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