Japanese Ambassador's 4th Kendo Championship

November 4, 2017

at College of Medicine Sports Complex Hall


On November 4, 2017, Ambassador Yanagisawa presided over the 4th Japanese Ambassador’s Kendo Championships, organized by the Embassy of Japan in collaboration with the Kendo Association of Malawi. In three categories of beginner, advanced and senior levels, Kendo athletes competed individually. Judo and Karate club members in Blantyre also joined this event to showcase their sports to the audience.


In her speech, Ambassador Yanagisawa cited that this year marks the 25th anniversary since Kendo started in Malawi, and congratulated the initiatives by the Kendo Association of Malawi under the leadership of Mr. Somba, who learned Kendo from a JICA volunteer 25 years ago. She also mentioned Kendo equipment donation by the All Japan Kendo Federation in last April and Mr. Somba's participation in a summer seminar organized by the All Japan Kendo Federation in last July, hoping that the friendship between Japan and Malawi will be further deepened through Kendo.


The event was graced by Mr Joseph Mwandidya, Chief Director of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development, as a guest of honour. Mr. Joseph Makwinja, Deputy Mayor of the City of Blantyre, and representatives from Malawi National Council of Sports also witnessed this event together with an audience.



Athletes Lineup


Beginner's Match


Senior's Match


Judo Demonstration


Karate Demonstration


Speech by Ambassador Yanagisawa


Awarding Ceremony


Group Photo


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