Japanese Drums "Taiko" Concert 2016


October 30, 2016

Crossroads Hotel, The Great Sapitwa


On October 30, 2016, the Embassy of Japan in Malawi held the Japanese Drums "Taiko" Concert 2016 in Lilongwe. This year, which marked the fifth time the Embassy held the drums concert, HA.YA.TO, a Japanese drums unit of three brothers, Keita Kanazashi, Ryota Kanazashi, and Yuta Kanazashi gave a spectacular performance. Approximately 600 people attended the concert enjoying the beat and rhythm of the Japanese drums. In addition, HA.YA.TO collaborated with Malawi's own Tabwera Cultural Group and the Malawi National Dance Troupe and showcased a musical exchange of the two countries. HA.YA.TO was on a tour visiting Angola, Mozambique, and Malawi, performing in concerts and conducting workshops.




Rhythmical piece by HA.YA.TO



  Dynamic Performance

(From left: Keita Kanazashi, Ryota Kanazashi, and Yuta Kanazashi)



AUN: Well-syncronized piece performed by the 3 brothers



A-Syu-Ra: Performed by all 3 brothers beating out a single drum

The piece was composed with the motif of the Asura, the Indian deity with 3 faces and 6 arms.




Number with solo parts and improvization



Finale "Ranze": Original piece compsed by HA.YA.TO with the determination to overcome

any challenges in a tumultuous world by helping each other in the family



Japan-Malawi Collaboration: HA.YA.TO accompanying Malawi's traditional dance with a unique drum beat




Japan-Malawi musical exchange: Ambassador Nishioka and Director of Culture Mrs. Chindebvu join in







About the Performers


HA・YA・TO is a Japanese drums unit of three brothers, Keita Kanazashi, Ryota Kanazashi, and Yuta Kanazashi. While embracing the traditional sounds of Japanese drums, the group aims to create a new harmony only brothers are capable of creating, and deliver their wadaiko (Japanese drums) music to many audiences.


Since forming the group in 2001, HA・YA・TO has performed in many concerts both in Japan and abroad. The group first toured in Africa in 2006 when they collaborated with the world renowned sabar musician, late Doudou N’Diaye Rose in Senegal. On this second Africa tour, the group performed in concerts and workshops in Angola and Mozambique before coming to Malawi, the final stop of the tour.


Official Website of HA.YA.TO: http://ha-ya-to.com















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